Central to the course seminars are the key concepts, theories and methodologies for research in Gender Studies as an interdisciplinary field, yet which are also relevant for other kinds of critical research. The course content and format is renewed on a yearly basis, which allows students who previously followed the course to re-register.

In 2012-2013 the course set-up will involve a two-day full programme of lectures, guest lectures and parallel master classes.

Morning sessions: students attend all morning sessions. The morning lectures are open to the broader public, see registration

Master classes: Students are assigned to one parallel master class on each day and prepare all reading assignments. Students choose one master class and write a short essay in which they relate their own research to the themes of the masterclass. Few students will be asked to present their research during the masterclass. Registration for the Master classes is now closed. 

Evening Plenary Debate: "Fighting for Gender Studies in Academia Today" on 22 May 19.30. See registration

DAY 1   Wednesday 22 May 2013

DAY 2   Thursday 23 May 2013 


Prof Dr Chia Longman, Prof Dr Gily Coene, Dr Julie Carlier, Dra Nella van den Brandt, Dr Griet Roets